"The Encore of Tony Duran"

                                                               One More Time Productions, LLC
                                   Even a has been who never really was can come back...
The Encore of Tony Duran chronicles the day Tony finally hits bottom and his inspiring rebound from the brink.  

A victim of personal and financial failure, Tony long ago gave up his dreams of singing and performance. But now, even his day job has disappeared, prompting in Tony feelings of self-loathing and worthlessness. Desperate, Tony is prepared to sink to crime to pay his bills, but he finds himself incompetent at even that.  Withering under the gaze of the meth dealer, Art, Tony is now a completely broken man: robbed, lifethreatened and miserable. He makes his last gamble and loses it all. However, just at the moment his life becomes a complete nightmare, his friend Jerry is there to guide Tony back.

Jerry, an old school Catskills comedian long retired, incisively pushes Tony to face his own history, to tell the tale of what pushed him out of Hollywood so long ago, and then forces Tony to embark on a human transformation into a healthy man, comfortable in his own mature skin, and back in touch with the dreams he had as a young man.  Jerry makes Tony sing again.

Tony must come to terms with his estranged son, Mike.  Can his son ever believe that his Biggest Loser transformation is for real? Can he believe his father is clean and sober after so many previous disappointments?

Tony Duran is at his middle age, if he is lucky, and he has lived too many winters in a state of longing.  A comfortable life is just out of his reach, and so he disqualifies himself from love.  He wishes to talk to Leah, a waitress at the local diner, but he cannot bring himself to speak.  Leah is a faded beauty, looking for something real and Tony needs to believe he is real before she can.

In the end, for Tony-- and for all of us-- it is never too late to jump on a stage and sing, to find a beautiful woman and win her heart, to make a lasting peace with family, or to grab any dream big or small.

One More Time Productions, LLC., in association with Mister Moon Media, Inc. presents a Fred A. Sayeg Film starring

Gene Pietragallo, William Katt, Nikki Ziering, Cody Kasch and Elliott Gould


Casting Director: Ferne Cassel; Editor: Eric Weston; Director of Photography: Kenneth Wiatrak; Music by Tad Sisler and Andrew Fraga

Executive Producers: Max Byfuglin, Alexis Byfuglin, Keith Carrango, Jennifer Carrango, Brett S. Ellen, Mandy Ellen, Stephen Paul;

Story by Mitchell Cohen, Terry Allen Fraser, Gene Pietragallo; Written by Mitchell Cohen; Co-Producers: Terry Allen Fraser, Gene Pietragallo;

Produced by Mitchell Cohen, Gerard DiNardi, Fred A. Sayeg, Directed by Fred A. Sayeg